Cutegreggator: Baby Versions Of Dangerous Animals

None of us ever want to be confronted face-to-face with a vicious animal like a  polar bear (especially on a tropical island) or a coyote…but what about a little baby version of a cheetah or a vampire bat? That doesn’t seem so bad, does it?

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    • Rose D.

      I don’t think that’s a baby lion…

    • Ariella

      If Drew says it’s a baby lion, then it’s a baby lion.

    • Kori Ellis

      That baby boar is so so cute! (And yeah, that’s not a lion; it’s a mongoose.)

    • sarah santana

      aaaaaaaawaaaawwwwwwww they r allllll so cute !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Catherine

      I don’t think that’s a poplar bear…

    • Jess

      yea that’s definitely not a baby lion

    • Otto Chthon

      Looks like a mongoose to me.

    • Daraya

      that’s NOT a lion cup…

    • jesse john

      bats are dangerous now?