This Week’s Best of Crushable

Other Stuff:

• A missing scene from David Simmon‘s Gilmore Girls.

• An open letter to both Betty White fans and people who hate Betty White fans.

7 Tumblrs you should be following (hint: Album Tacos!)

• Best of: Illustrious Illustration: Mad Men characters, as drawn by DeviantArtists.

5 tips to surviving both a horror movie AND high school, based on Meredith O’Hayre‘s The Scream Queen’s Survival Guide.

5 other jobs Joaquin Phoenix should take now that we hate him.

• Seriously? A Ronald McDonald’s and Garfield menstrual pad museum.

• Gail K.’s 2nd installment of “Am I Right Ladies?,” dissecting horrible women’s advertising.

• Why is Mad Men‘s Allison Brie eating a cricket? Um, we wish we had an answer for that.

• Make Your Own: Napping Kit!

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