This Week’s Best of Crushable

Well, Fashion Week was fun you guys! We got to talk to Jay-Z, Kelly Rowland, Vampire Weekend, and Wendy Williams. But we ignored John Mayer, just like everyone else. Whoo! Read this week’s very special edition of Best of Crushable, and enjoy life.
• Dude Diary: Alex Pettyfer, the new Number Four.

• We went to Charlotte Ronson and Whitney Port‘s after-party!

• Celebrity Lookalikes: VMA’s and their inanimate object lookalikes!

John Mayer on the Lower East Side: No one’s going to talk to him.

• Singer/songwriter David Roth performed for us.

• We accidentally talked to Jay-Z, made it into the Village Voice.

Jersey Shore: The worst show for women…ever?

• We talked to Vampire Weekend about their dream duet.

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