Sweet Repeat: Celebrities Looking Miserable In Front Row of Fashion Week

We know Fashion Week, for all it’s glamor and gift bags, can be exhausting. But most of the time, we’re grateful to even get a seat or be snapping pics on the red carpet, even if it means walking 20 blocks on the West Side Highway (in heels) just to make it to a show someone’s decided to hold in a Pier that resembles a giant, abandoned warehouse that someone threw a runway in the middle of.

But what we don’t get is why celebrities – those who are given the star treatment, the best seats, and all the swag they could ask for — always look so miserable while models parade by them like they were the royal court back in medieval times. Cheer up, people! Or at least, try to look a little less put-out.

(Photos via WENN and Getty)

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    • Just Wonderin

      when isn’t Kanye pissed off?

    • judgment

      want to know why he still pissed that lilwayne freestyled about his mom and plus omg he has the prom guy swag