Between The Lines: What’s Going On With 50 Cent?

When 50 Cent announced his return to Twitter a few weeks back with a barrage of insults and offensive remarks, we honestly sat around waiting for the rapper to reveal that his account had been hacked. Because who in his right mind could actually say such horrible stuff? But no announcement came and 50′s act has continued. Now he’s got a new stunt: asking women to upload photos of themselves and then critiquing their bodies for the world to see.

It started relatively innocently, with 50 Tweeting: “I’m feeling down now. If u bitches on twitter really love me send me a sexy pictures take it with ur phone right quick.” Women responded, mostly with mirror-shot cell phone pics of themselves in thongs and bikinis. One woman sent a photo of herself posing with a friend while fully dressed and 50 replied: “bitch I said send pictures with your clothes off. dont nobody wanna see this shit. where the ass at?”

After this, came the making-fun-of-overweight-girls portion of 50 Cent’s game: “ohh shit now these fat bitches sendin me pictures. damn had to fuck it up uh!”

And the homophobic part, in response to a photo of a dude: “now look at this shit! perez hilton trying to set me up.”

And then, When a young looking girl uploaded a partially nude photo, 50 replied: “I told yal u have to be 18 and older to be on my twitter. now I hope ur mama see this shit and beat ur ass.”

Unbelievable! How long can 50 Cent keep saying this stuff before people stop listening? Unless he shapes up, we think we’ve about reached that threshold.

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