Body Image Insensitive Brand Pretzel Crisps Advertises At Plus Size Fashion Event

This afternoon, I attended OneStopPlus’s runway show — billed as Fashion Week’s first-ever plus size event (coverage to come!). And what did I find inside the gift bag alongside teeth whitener and a tube of shiny lip gloss? A package of Pretzel Crisps — the baked snack brand that recently came under fire for offensive ads featuring slogans like “You can never be too thin” and “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” (We spotted the ads last month and posted about them. A video of guerilla ad-sabotage can be seen at NYC The Blog.)

So what’s up, Pretzel Crisps? Are you trying to make amends with your support of a plus size event, or is this another example if get-thin-or-perish mentality?

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