What to DVR: Your Crushable Fall TV Lineup

You ever heard of TiVo guilt? It’s a specific anxiety that comes from building up a whole base of TV shows on your DVR that you never get around to watching, and then spending days deliberating whether to just erase the whole thing and start fresh, or spend an entire weekend hunkered down with some BBC documentaries that looked “really interesting” two weeks ago. Luckily, Megan Collins is here to tell you what you should — and should not — be prepping to watch this Fall.

Hellcats (CW, Wed 9pm EST)

Sure, this show – about a college student forced to join the cheerleading squad when she loses her scholarship – is a blatant rip-off of cheese-tastic movies like Bring it On and Stick It. But who cares? Give us dance routines set to catchy pop songs, sassy hair flipping and catty catch phrases, and we’re in.

Better With You (ABC, Wed 8:30pm)

We caught a preview episode of this cutesy ABC sitcom on a recent plane ride, and it looked promising, if predictable. Plus, we’ve loved Joanna Garcia since Reba. That’s right, Reba. Don’t judge us…

The Event (NBC, Mon 9pm)

After a summer of incessant commercials asking, “What is…the event?” we’ve begun shouting at the television, “Just tell us already!” So yes, we’ll be tuning in.

My Generation (ABC, Thu 8pm)

ABC calls this new show a “documentary-style ensemble dramedy.” Despite the mouthful title, the premise is enticingly simple. The mockumentary follows a group of ten students at their high school graduation in 2000 and then again a decade later.

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    • Daniel

      I’ll watch S#%t My Dad Says just to see how bad CBS can fail at twitter, but as for the rest you could take away all these channels and I wouldn’t notice until SNL came back.

    • BigS99

      Uh, Ms. Collins, you can’t recommend CW shows for people to watch this fall… first of all, I’m not sure that network is available in most TV markets anymore. And you somehow skipped over the new J.J. Abrams show on NBC about the undercover married couple, which is getting rave reviews. So let’s make some changes and re-post!