New Spice Girls Musical Only Sorta About the Spice Girls

Did 9/02/10 day start a 90s-nostalgia trend? Word’s out about a brand new Spice Girls musical, set to debut in 2012. Except it turns out Viva Forever (um, long live forever?) won’t actually feature any of the singers or even mention their names. Instead, the play will be about… drumroll please… reality TV!

The Spices have all signed off on the musical, which will involve their girl-powered songs. Inspired by our fame-obsessioned culture, Viva will be set behind-the-scenes of a TV talent show. Producer Judy Craymer, the woman behind Mamma Mia, described the show as “encompassing the Spice Girls’ ethos of friendship, identity and being true to yourself.”

That leaves only one important question: Are we finally going to find out what it means to zigazag-ha?

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