• Wed, Sep 1 2010

The Daily WTF: Nose Job Overload

It isn’t news that many supermodels have had work done, but this Shopped photo of Victoria Secret model Adriana Lima definitely takes the idea of a nose job to its illogical extreme. Freaking News has a whole gallery of user-submitted Photoshops where you can see Morgan Freeman, Hayden Panatierre and Alec Baldwin sans schnozes.

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  • TruthyMcTrutherson

    It’s Photoshopped, anyone with knowledge of photoshop could tell you that.

    • Duh


  • Elleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen

    it says its ‘Shopped’.. as in photoshopped i think. and it says there is a whole gallery of photoshop things too- i dont tihnk theyre trying to say its real (:

  • bang2tang

    you don’t need to know about photoshop for telling this picture fake