Exclusive: ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ Star Teresa Giudice Bankrupt And Panicking

We knew Teresa Giudice was broke, but we didn’t know how badly The Real Housewives of New Jersey cast member was taking the fall. (After all, she does have that Save Teresa iPhone app going for her!) In an exclusive to Crushable Life & Style quoted a close source saying that not only is Teresa’s $11 million debt making her act crazy — she “almost” dined and dashed at the 4sixty6 nightclub in July when friends ran up a tab assuming Teresa would foot the bill — but the behavior is more than just the usual Bravo drama.

“As it started to set in that she could lose everything — her furniture, her possessions, her way of life — she started to get more serious and moody. This is going to completely change her life. She’s devastated,” says the source. We would be freaked out too if we were Teresa…her estate sale is looking to bring in only $51k, and that will barely make a drop in the bucket. Maybe that’s why she’s showing up to those My Big Gay Wedding rehearsals?

According to the insider, “At this point, she will take any job she can get — any payday at all…she’s totally panicking.”

(Photo via WENN)

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    • Tracey

      Most importantly, I think—and the key to understanding her disgusting temper—is that first and foremost she’s lying to herself. In her tiny little brain, she’s not a low-browed, vulgar, trashy, tacky, greedy, crass, sleazy scammer and grifter: she’s a ‘feisty little Italian lady’ who’s cute, charming, independent, sexy, a devoted mother, excellent cook, adored wife, respected member of the community, a skilled businesswoman and intelligent and refined college graduate with impeccable, almost Renaissance tastes in art, decor, food, entertaining, manners, and intellectual matters. Fuck with that little fantasy of hers and you threaten her whole world. It might all shatter if somebody pushes her back, hard enough to put a few holes in her fantasy world. She has to have that opinion of herself. The alternative is that she’s such a tacky vulgarian that street hookers blanche at her outfits and behavior, and she’s too stupid to actually make herself into someone classy. On top of that her husband apparently got disenchanted with her somewhere before the birth of the latest kid, and now can barely stand her, and certainly doesn’t even want to kiss her! (“No tongue?”)

    • Bubba

      At least she now can really live up to the po’ white trash label.