5 Unexpected Twists On Scary Spice’s New Reality Show

Scary Spice is debuting a new TV show this Sunday on the Style Network! It’s going to be called Mel B: It’s a Scary World, and will focus on Mel’s relationship with her husband, Stephen, and the 35-year-old mother’s two daughters, Angel and Phoenix. Here are some of the weirder developments that you can expect to see on the program.

1. Frequent play dates with the Duggar children.

2. Frequent drop-ins from Auntie Victoria Beckham, which usually end with her eying the children hungrily and promising them that her house is made of gingerbread. You know, if they ever want to visit.

3. Matching leopard print leotards for the entire family.

4. Heart-wrenching scene where children realize that Spice World doesn’t really exist.

5. Spin-off with all Spice Girl children, and somehow tied in with Toddlers & Tiaras promotion.

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