‘Real Housewives Of New Jersey’ Reunion The Craziest Thing On TV…Ever?

It took approximately three minutes for Teresa Giudice to make a dig at Danielle Staub during last night’s Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion show. (Part one of two!) And, it came as response to a question about Jersey Shore. Then, well then things got really nasty, and host and Bravo programming exec Andy Cohen found himself in the middle of the fray.

When Andy asked the women what they thought of that other Jersey show, Jersey Shore, Teresa responded that she thought it was despicable. “This one girl was like, ‘Well of course I had sex with him,’” Teresa said, referring to a part in Jersey Shore that I can’t remember in which one of the girls boasts about sleeping with a guy after only knowing him for one day ($5 to the person who can find that clip — if it exists). Teresa added that none of the women on Housewives would ever do that — except maybe Danielle. Minutes later, Danielle countered, as she usually does, with an unrelated piece of information about Teresa, asking her if she had “ever acknowledged her nephew.”

While confused viewers watched in shock, Teresa leapt from her spot on the couch and stood over Danielle, screaming, “Do not break up my family!” Danielle got up and walked away while Andy held Teresa back. Teresa pushed Andy back into his chair, and tried to throw pillows at Danielle. Pillow fight!

Meanwhile Danielle stalked offstage to huddle with her entourage while Caroline and Andy tried to calm Teresa. If you thought Teresa was at her craziest when she flipped the table, this moment really put the full range of her unbridled Italian rage on display. Danielle only agreed to come back on stage if Teresa stayed in her seat for the rest of the day. And, for the rest of the show, it seemed to be a little more civilized, but just barely.

Last year, the big question raised by the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion show was what did Danielle do to Dina Manzo? The ladies addresses that this year, and Danielle confirmed that Caroline had accused her of trying to get Dina’s daughter Lexi taken away from her. Teresa also addressed her money issues, though she was typically vague.

So this year, it seems the ultimate question is: what’s the deal with Teresa and her nephew and why did mentioning it get her so upset?

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    • Antonia

      U r a trouble maker and a bully. Grant it Danielle is a wise ass, but u r really a trouble maker and a bully. U started it at Kim’s fashion show because u knew u were gonna start with Danielle. If u didn’t do the things u did, Jacqueline’s daughter would never have gone through all that garbage. U dress ur children with all that lace and bow ties. That looks horrible. I would never take that crap from you.

    • ashley2

      Teresa is a pitbull, and a bully. Such rage against one woman? Wow, I had no idea Danielle had that much power over Teresa and the rest of the women. I like Danielle, she really doesn’t bother me at all!

    • Meeka

      Danielle Staub is the lowest of the low…talk about giving women, in general, a bad reputation…Danielle is the ultimate example. She has a nasty, disgusting look about her. AND NOW SHE IS GAY??? I had a hard time figuring out why so many men would have wanted to “be with” her, but even harder to figure a woman would be taken with her! SHE IS GROSS!!!!!!

    • Erica

      Danielle Staub is a nutcase. I can’t even believe there are people out there that sympathize with her? Have you not been watching the same show as the rest of us?!?! As Caroline so graciously puts it: she’s GARBAGE! Just wait til you deal with someone like Danielle in your life, you’ll understand completely why Teresa, Caroline, Ashley, Kim, Kim, etc. all can’t stand her. Her poor girls, like Caroline said too, they’re blank. When their mom does something stupid, they just roll their eyes, as if to say ohhh not again. What they endure at school, i can’t even imagine.

    • lita

      Danielle is trashy and she gets great joy in starting trouble. She should be kicked off the show. Theresa did seem to overreact BUT you have to wonder what Danielle did to cause a reaction. I like everyone except Danielle. Get rid of her. Bravo raise your standards.

    • d.blinkhorn

      I think Carolyn, Jacqueline, Teresa are bullies. They are so busy trying to destroy Danielle they cannot possibly be living their own lives. Jackie said last week that Danielle’s girls were in the nurses office crying everyday. Do Jackie and the others think that they may be the cause for that crying as they are constantly the barriers of gossip about Danielle. Furthermore, I believe it was Carolyn that started the gossip about Danielle’s past. This was the start of bad feelings. Carolyn needs to own up to her starting the trouble.

    • joyce

      teresa need her ass slap u need to come down carolyn dina n the other one they dont want her to talk why is that