Four Items To Go From Date Night To Work Morning

The ladies over at Your Tango posted a list of 9 work-ready products to keep stocked in your purse for date night sleepovers. The round-up is pretty thorough, including a toothbrush, leggings and even a pair of flats — which is great if you want to carry your suitcase to dinner and the movies. Personally, we’d keep the toothbrush, ditch the shoes, and stock up on some of these:

Advil: Chances are your late night tryst was sponsored by Makers or Absolut. Even if you skipped the cocktails, having some pain meds on hand will help alleviate the stress of having to figure out a new subway route.

Undies: A fresh pair of comfy cotton boy shorts goes a long, long way after a long, long night. Look at it this way: your boss might not know, the delivery guy might not know, but you’ll know.

Visine: Nothing says “all play and no work” like bloodshot eyes. Keep the red away with a pocket-sized bottle of fake tears.

A Smirk: Hey, what’s the point of a hot school night hook-up if it doesn’t inspire a little did-she-or-didn’t-she jealousy? Nobody wants to walk into work looking like last call, but if you had fun, feel free to let it show.

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