Crushable Commenter of the Week: Sweetz

Our commenter Sweetz may as well be an unofficial Crushable writer: From giving advice about hook up hair to band outfits to our Weezer concept covers, Sweetz has got her opinion on everything, making her our commenter of the week!

On Weezer’s concept album, “Hurley”:

I love how happy and ~cool~ Jorge Garcia looks, but shit, Terry from TB looks like such a bad-ass on that album cover now that you mention it. Maybe if Weezer was a little tougher and not a cute lil nerd collective???

On “hook up hair“:

the hairstyle formerly known as “bedhead” ?

On proper band etiquette:

yeah, and please don’t wear the band’s t-shirt to their show… it’s one of those eternal “don’t”s. especially don’t buy the shirt there at the show and put it on.

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    • sweetz

      I’m only trying to work my way up the social ladder so I can sit with you guys during lunch at the cool table in the cafeteria.