‘Hook-Up Hair’ Is A New Term

Crushable’s pals at Beauty Blogging Junkie have coined a new phrase: Hook-Up Hair. As defined in the site’s Fictionary column:

Pretty self-explanatory, it’s the state of aff-hairs your mane takes on after a major makeout tryst. It’s a little bit of self-teasing from friction on a pillowcase, a little of mussing. One could charitably call it “texture,” though hook-up hair’s defining characteristic is that it plum will not return to normal (even if it was washed just pre-steamy sesh) until you re-wash and style it again.

Question: Can you achieve Hook-Up Hair if you haven’t hooked up? Ke$ha springs to mind. So does Taylor Momsen. And being 16 and focused solely on the music, it’s safe to assume Taylor’s hookups involve just her vibrator (hey: she said so!).

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    • sweetz

      the hairstyle formerly known as “bedhead” ?