The Real 90210 Involves the Entire Kardashian-Jenner Clan

Somebody’s publicist deserves a medal for this: The Kardashian and Jenner families (actually it’s only Kim Kardashian, Kourtney,and Rob Kardashian with Kris, Bruce, Kylie, and Kendall Jenner…where’s Chloe and Brody?!) are getting their own key to the city of Beverly Hills. Fine. But.

But the event (which Larry King for some ungodly reason is involved with) is happening on September 2nd. Get it?!

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    • Connie Ford

      I have been watching kourtney and Khloe in maimi, and kardashians . I never heard so much cussing and argueing with peole that seem to have it all. I remember when Bruce took the gold I don’t understand how you can live with a woman who cusses, lies and trys to control the whole family she want even let you control your money and trust me that’s not the Bruce Jenner people remember ,also she needs to dress ans act more her age then her girls ages.. I did like it when Kourtney told her she knew what was best for masonand she seems to tried to want things to work with Scott I was married to an alcohplic for 40 years he did change so Kourney you are so beautiful and sweet and you have a gorgeous bodybetter then kim’s she got a butt on her that wanw quit and it stick out far I watch her on dancing with the stars,not a very good dancers< also I dont know what made her famous unless it was haging out with trash like Paris Hilton ETC: she pretty but to all of us who watch we like Bruce Kourtney Scott Khloe and Mason. Kendall and Kylie doesn't need to grow up in the fast lane and watching all the decits and lies that there mother does. I hope Khloe who is a doll will help take them under her wing ans show them how to have respects for themselves and others.Khloe is very pretty and also sweet and you can tell she has a big heart , Rob is lucky to have her and Lamar. Bruce stand up and be a man and let kris know she doesn't need to act and carry on like she does she wears as much make-up as Tammy Faye Baker have koutrney or Khloe show her how to put it on and to dress , she to old to wear skin tight and short dresses maybe the girls can show her how .God I will pray for all of you and take care of the younger ones Kendall and Kylie they are growing up thinking it's alright to lie to your husband and be decitful,let them hang out with kourtney and khloe they seems like that have respects for themseves God Blee. connie ford

    • Connie Ford

      I’m sorry I mispelled alot of words but hope you get the drift of things. I know kris will have a comment of something nasty to say.connie