Fame Wore: Kim Kardashian Is The Most Beautiful Celebrity On The Planet

Kim Kardashian has edged out Angelina and Penelope Cruz (in Volver) in our mental list of who is the most beautiful celebrity woman in the world. She is ridiculous. Reggie Bush is kicking himself right now. Kimmy K was on hand to celebrate the latest issue of LA Confidential, and, per usual, she looked va-va-voom. Today’s Fame Wore gallery features Kim’s sister Kourtney and a rando shot of Taylor Momsen in hooker platforms (this time, there were no dollar bills visible in the heel).

(Getty Images)

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    • Divine

      She’s beautiful, but something isnt right with her. I think she’s becoming obsessed with looking ‘perfect’, hence all the botox and surgery. Beauty is only skin deep.

      • viewerseattle

        My friend and I were just talking about the same thing…I like Kourtney better she is beautiful but she doesn’t try to be perfect every second…and that makes her more beautiful…

    • d

      Reggie Bush is NOT worried about Kim Kardashian! That dude isn’t some regular dude– who didn’t know who Reggie Bush was before he became “Kim Ks boyfriend” He’s a football player…he doesn’t want all tht extra stuff she has to do to keep herself in the news. If you see Kim from the first season of her show until now her face has completely changed! No more or less pretty but certainly fake!