Memoir: Tiki Barber’s Girlfriend Traci Johnson Reveals The Truth Behind The Tabloid Stories

I am no Emily Post when it comes to relationships. I certainly don’t have all the answers when it comes to love and I’ve made countless mistakes when it comes to the men that have dotted the pages of my life. While I don’t meet the qualifications for writing a book on the proper dating etiquette, I could pen a column or two about maintain the hope that your one true love is waiting right around the corner, all the while stumbling through relationships along the way.

This stumbling, well let’s be honest, in my case, falling flat on my face, was a recurrent theme in my relationship history. Scars and bruises of my past ill-fated trips down lover’s lane are ever present in my mind, so when I began dating my current boyfriend in the beginning of January 2010 I was optimistic, yet cautious. He was recently separated from his wife, resetting his love life, and unsure of what the future would hold for him. All qualities that produced an array of warning signals in my mind. However, the romantic optimist in me prevailed through the doubt and I thought about the possibilities that could lead to the potential of this situation actually working out to my benefit. He was one of my dearest friends for the past three years and has been the one to pick me up off my face when I fumbled my way through one bad relationship to another. In my opinion those were two fantastic reasons for beginning a new dating adventure with someone, and if those two weren’t enough to convince me to date this man, then the simple fact that I was just freshly wounded by a relationship with what I would like to consider a nutcase (and wasn’t quite yet ready for another serious, long-term commitment with someone) closed the deal for me.

Three months later all the bright red caution lights that were flashing in my mind when I first began dating Tiki had disappeared and I was, for the first time in my life, completely comfortable in my relationship. I was able to throw on a pair of sweatpants and not worry about putting make-up on when he came over, our hands seemed to fit together perfectly while walking down the street, conversation over dinner at our favorite French restaurant, La Ripaille, flowed naturally – all in all, life appeared seemingly perfect.

Then within 24 hours, that seemingly perfect world that I had quickly grown accustomed too, vanished. My face was suddenly on the front page of one of the most read newspapers in the nation, I was trending on Google, my family was being harassed by reporters, my sister called to tell me that she saw Tiki and me on television, and I was forced to leave my cozy two-bedroom apartment, with my eight-month old puppy in tow, to spend the next two weeks in seclusion from the world.

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    • tikifan

      But it sounds like he went from breaking up with his wife, right into your arms..that doesn’t just “happen” without other things happening prior. Whether it be texting, diners, or long sounds like your relationship with Tiki blossomed while he was married.

      my guess is you guys realized a mutual attraction/chemistry and it probably influenced Tiki’s decision to finally pull the plug on his marriage. but at the same time i could believe that nothing physical happened between you guys while he was still with his wife..but cheating is not always just physical.

    • What Comes Around Goes Around

      I guess her parents raised a skank! Fairy tale? That is so stupid. When will trash like this learn? And that’s not even counting that POS she is with!

    • Candy Barr

      This is a hoot! This *itch is a journalist? Someone needs to seriously edit it. She obviously didn’t re-read it before posting it. I wonder how she feels now that he is broke. Hope you didn’t burn any bridges at NBC, because you might be working soon!

    • zoeti05d

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    • Iggy

      Look, Tiki’s marriage was a mess for quite some time… as for his wife being pregnant, did it ever occur to any of you that the wife may have gotten pregnant on purpose, even though the couple had agreed not to have any more children, as a disgusting attempt to try to force Tiki to continue the marriage?

      Now Tiki isn’t going to talk about this publicly, because he doesn’t want it on the public record that he hadn’t wanted to have any more children, but I know that I would be furious if MY wife, in the middle of a troubled marriage, tried to sneakily have more kids, despite our decision not to do so… so once Tiki got to know Traci, younger, hotter, more appealing in every way… why not just make a clean break with that awful Ginny woman?

      In any event, women should take it as a given once they’ve had kids and gotten into their thirties that their men are going to need some side action from women who are still in their prime (18 to 26).

    • Nicole Czarnecki

      I agree that Traci Lynn Johnson cannot write well. I also agree that Traci Lynn Johnson did indeed babysit Tiki Barber’s children and use her position as babysitter (and also her position as NBC intern) to knowingly attempt to seduce a married man with four children. She doesn’t even talk about Tiki’s children. By the way, I went to a Catholic college where guys were snuck in all the time, swipe card or not– we had swipe cards, and guys would still be snuck in (as my then classmates even bragged about at times).

      She didn’t even try to come up with a dastardly excuse like, “The two other children weren’t even his.” She and Tiki could’ve tried something like that were they clever– but the fact that Ginny banned (and had to ban) Tiki Barber from the room would’ve blown holes through any kind of “Ginny cheated first” excuse, anyway.

    • Miss N.

      I went to High School with her, and even then, she was a shallow, attention-grabbing four-letter-word I won’t-type.

      There is no excuse for either her or Tiki’s behavior. Don’t you all see? She’s in it for the money and the attention. Clearly, her writing skills (or lack thereof) won’t make her a damned dime, so she has to ruin marriages and families to get what she wants.


      • Nicole Czarnecki

        So, are her parents like Brad Pitt’s parents–that is, they’re sucking it up and only pretending to approve of this? I’m just curious; you know the situation better than most of us do. All the majority know is that she was complicit in helping a married man cheat on his college sweetheart and eight-months-pregnant wife.