Crush Links: Why Is Miley Cyrus Smoking Pot And Kissing Girls?

Miley CyrusA leaked script for Miley Cyrus‘ upcoming film LOL: Laughing Out Loud reveals that Miley’s teenage character has sex, smokes pot, kisses girls and flashes her Brazilian to her mom, played by Demi Moore. (Hollywood Life)

Lourdes was spotted wearing an wristband emblazoned with a non-subtle marijuana leaf. (Radar)

Jeremy London denies having an affair with Rachel Uchitel in Celebrity Rehab. Not under Dr. Drew‘s watch! (People)

Heidi has confirmed her sex tape exists, and now she’s getting down to business to get paid for it. (TMZ)

Blind Item: Which former A-list actor is cheating on his wife, who makes him carry a tracking device so she knows where he is at all times? His assistant holds on to the device while said former A-list actor cheats. (Crazy Days And Nights)

The party guests wanted “mellow,” but SamRo decided to go all techno on them. (Page Six)

Anna Paquin shows off her sparkler. (UK Daily Mail)

Is Mariah pregnant or not? If every picture tells a story, then YES! (Popeater)

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    • koolaid

      Finally, a movie where she doesn’t have to act.

    • kenzy

      miley i wish that u really didnt smok pot but it not my choice if u do but i am asking u please stop and save ur lungs i love ur show and i dont wont to wach it with ur eyes blood shot so please quit . peace bye kenzy

    • former fan

      I just got done crying from after i saw all this news about miley. Im only 12, so i guess i should stop googling her name to see how shes doing. i used to be a huge huge fan of her, but i guess she just doesn’t care about her younger fans anymore. here’s a message for her: im sick of your stupid ” grown up” attitude, cuz really your acting about as mature as a 2 year old. you probably dont care about me saying this, but your a total joke where i live, and ive been defending you for as long as i can remember. you really need to stop this streak of doing idiotic things before you do something you really get hurt from.

    • Alex

      You should start acting your own age! I used to look up to you, don’t you see what your doing? Your growning up to fast! You only get to be a kid once you know. Enjoy your life instead of destroying it!

    • Paige and Brienna

      We used too like you because you were pretty and a good singer. We are only 13. Teenagers like us and people younger than us used too look up too you. How can we all do that when you are acting stupid and doing drugs?!?!?! This is something made for Brittney Spears not you. We all look up too you, do you really want parents and kids talking bad stuff about you? I think you need help, because all these kids are going too think smoking pot and stuff is good for you. But really the thing that isnt good is smoking pot in front of a camera and makeing porn videos?!?!?! Really? Watch what you do when you want too go hangout with your friends, you can have fun but not too much fun like the stuff you pulled that week. I think your dad is probably ashamed of you. I am asking and begging you not too do this kind of stuff because look up all of your fans, and then read what they say. They are very dissapointed and we are too!

      Sencerely, Brienna and Paige your used too be fans?!?!?!♥

      • jessica sandoval

        i agree i mean you used to be a really cool person who was an idol to young kids. They still look up to you, and to you want to be the person who is known as someone who changed young kids lives? You should be ashamed. We still believe in you. :)


      miley is stupid.she had sex she kissed girls on the lips. what else will she do?!