Who Would You Rather: Jeremy Strong, Josh Duhamel Or Adam Brody?

So Katie Holmes has shot a series of glossy J.Crew ads with Josh Duhamel, Adam Brody and some guy named Jeremy Strong (who we feel like we should know but we don’t)! In keeping with Katie’s second coming of Jackie O image,  she fits the WASP-y brand to a tee. Doi. The most surprising thing about the ads are the dudes J.Crew picked to be in it: Namely, Josh – who alone is a walking embodiment of the brand but who allegedly cheated on Fergie; Adam, who is still geek and chic but has not been relevant since 2003; and Jeremy, an obscure actor of movies and arguably average looks. Still, there’s something about him. We think.

Oldest game in the world but tell us!

Who would you rather: Jeremy, Josh or Adam?

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    • yiudiumui

      josh duhamel all the fucking way

    • anonymous

      Adam. nerd love<3

    • Erin Carlson

      Agreed, Jenna! Hate to admit it, but Adam is still dorky-hot. Although, I saw him on the subway once and he was quite scrawny.

    • Erin