Celeb Tweetup: Upside-Down Day

If our Daily WTF and ice-cream robot haven’t convinced you yet that we’ve stepped on through the looking glass today, what about the fact that Criss friggin’ Angel is going to judge Miss Universe this year? Yikes: All SuicideGirls, feel free to apply for your beauty pageant degrees immediately. That and other weird instances in the celebrity Twitterverse, below.

Isn’t it Mario Lopez‘s job to skeeve on all the contestants? Who let Criss Angel (@CrissAngel) into the room?

Kanye West (@KanyeWest) is either having a stroke, or trying to create his own version of “Yes We Can.”

But the real question is Lauren Conrad (@LaurenConrad), did you immediately start dating him? And was it Criss Angel?

To be fair, I have the same problem with my own Grandma, Dina Manzo. Oh wait, that’s your cat…

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