Exclusive: ’18 To Life’ Star Michael Seater Defends Young Newlyweds

Question: Can an 18-year-old handle the highs, lows and assorted struggles of marriage? Michael Seater, who plays young newlywed Tom on the CW series 18 To Life, says yes.

In a Crushable exclusive, the 23-year-old actor defends his character’s choice to marry his high-school sweetheart Jessie at such a young age, saying, “If they can vote and they can go to war, why can’t they get married? They just can’t drink.”

Michael, who’s currently shooting 18 To Life in Montreal, says he’s not ready to take such a leap just yet.

“My sister got married at 22,” he tells Crushable. “I can barely get in a long-term relationship, let alone get married.”

Meanwhile, Michael and co-star Stacey Farber - who plays Jessie – are especially tight, working long hours and living down the hall from each other in a hotel close by the set.

After filming, “We go back (to the hotel) and have a beer and talk about the day,” he says.

Michael also addressed reports of the show’s dwindling ratings in CW’s summer lineup; he attributes low viewership to the fact that 18 To Life - first televised in Canada – was picked up by the network three weeks before it aired, leaving the CW no time or strategy to promote it effectively.

“It’s got to find its audience,” he says, through “guerilla marketing, word of mouth. … It all happened so fast.”

Michael, who got his big break on the popular Canadian sitcom Life With Derek, will next be seen on the big screen in Sin Bin, a coming-of-age story set in Chicago (fittingly, local band Wilco provides the soundtrack).

“It’s really smart, and it’s got an Adventureland sort of feel,” he tells Crushable. “It’s a love letter to Chicago.”

(Malcolm Taylor/Getty Images)

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