The Great Joseph Gordon-Levitt Playlist: ‘Natural Woman,’ And More!

“Best Thing About Inception” Joseph Gordon-Levitt has something in common with the semi-deluded people who audition for American Idol: They think they can sing! But it’s not all about singing on-key. It’s about passion. And JGL – who we could watch for hours floating around in a dream-within-a-dream – certainly has passion in spades. Take, for example, this video clip of the actor performing a cover of Natural Woman as Carole King never imagined it. The footage was captured Monday night at a bar in our NYC ‘hood – how could we MISS this impromptu concert?? eergh – and shows JGL at his finest, and most raw, interspersing gutteral howls with subtle bluesy notes. All in all, inspired.

There are more performances!

Express yourself, JGL:

La-la-la-la-la-la bamba:

And, 500 Days, obvs:

OK so … we think Joe – brother of fire-dancer Dan Gordon-Levitt – should pull a Joaquin and quit acting altogether to “focus on music.”


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