The Daily WTF: ‘True Blood’-y Mess On ‘Rolling Stone’

Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, and Alexander Skarsgard of HBO’s True Blood grace the front of September’s Rolling Stone issue. What? Total normal magazine stand cover right here. Then there Stephen’s really appropriate, not-at-all disturbing quote in the article itself:

“If we go from a base level, vampires create a hole in the neck where there wasn’t one before. It’s a de-virginization — breaking the hymen, creating blood and then drinking the virginal blood.

Oh, stop complaining you uptight prudes. It’s only a metaphor.

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    • mamamoose

      Looks like twisted sick porn to me. gross cover. not even artistic. just disgusting.

    • crystal

      cute!!!picture but its yucky bcause of the blood!!!!

    • szoszo

      about stephen’s comment: that is actually academic. it’s what you learn at university if you take a course on vampires. seriously.

      but the cover is gross. unnecessarily over the top.