Juliette Lewis Upstages Jennifer Aniston At ‘The Switch’ Premiere

There’s a faraway glaze in Jennifer Aniston‘s eyes; it’s because she has been upstaged by Juliette Lewis and her Smurf-y blue hair. Nah, she just looks bored. Over the red-carpet thing. Fun fact: Juliette Lewis dated Brad Pitt in the ’90s. So she and Jen have that in common. Also in the movie/shot: Jason Bateman, Patrick Wilson (or rather, his Madame Tussaud’s wax figure) and a cute little kid named Thomas Robinson (who we suspect might share DNA with Robert Downey Jr.)

But more importantly: What do you think of Juliette’s blue hair – red-carpet DO or DON’T?

(Alberto E. Rodriquez/Getty Images)

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    • Jade Green

      Jennifer Aniston is old new,I wish she would go away!

    • valerie

      why don’t you go away to another thread and don’t click on any site that has
      Jennifer as if she really cares about your lousy 2 cents.

    • Sarah

      Her hair is blue because she is on tour with her band right now. She told Jimmy Kimmel that she likes the way it looks under the lights when she’s on stage. I really doubt she was trying to upstage Jennifer Aniston.

    • Cambrea

      hahhahah thats right jennifer aniston is the best and i look up too her

    • Cambrea

      the hairs kool my fav color is blue lol

    • sabrina

      Juliette lewis looks like a old smurf. Why she would dress like that who knows she is to old and wrinkly to be dressing like a teen. Jennifer looks beautiful and natural she doesn’t look like a nut job like Juliette.