A Little Mood Music: The 10 Best ‘Bounce Back’ Songs On My iPod

On my iPod you’ll find a playlist titled “BOUNCE BACK.” The ever-growing collection includes all the songs that help pull me out of a funk. Whether it’s bouncing back from a break up, or just a bad hair day, they always manage to put me back on the road to a good mood. After you read my top ten pick-me-up tunes, help expand my playlist by leaving your own bounce back songs in the comments!

10. Diana Ross – I’m Coming Out

I defy you to play this disco classic without breaking into song at the chorus and dancing. Whether it’s in your living room or down the street is up to you.

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    • Alana

      No Kanye? It may be obvious, but “Stronger” is my definitive pump up/bounce back song!

    • Kelly

      Nice list.
      I’d also like to submit:
      Zero – The Yeah Yeah Yeahs
      Good Luck – Basement Jaxx
      Anything by the Freemasons

    • Erin Carlson

      Agreed Alana! Anything by Kanye works for me. Also, the Jackson 5.

    • jamiedc

      sorry if this is to obvious, but, “Just Dance” by Lady Gaga helps pick me up or 80s Madonna like “Get Into the Grove”.

    • Sue

      Totally have to agree with you there Kelly, Good Luck is an awesome song! Always makes me feel good!

    • BigS

      May I suggest Bon Jovi’s masterpiece “Bad Medicine” as the all-time best bounceback song. Catchy, upbeat and completely nonsensical. Whoa-oh-oh. Shake it up.

    • Megan Collins

      Currently blasting “Good Luck” on repeat – not because I need a pick-me-up, but just because it’s such a fun song. Thanks for the reco, Kelly and Sue!

      And yes, Lady Gaga, Madonna and Kanye ALL need to go on the list. Love ‘em!

    • Steph L

      I like “Express Yourself” by NWA. It’s got tons of swaggger, you can dance to it, and the message is surprisingly positive.

    • Michael

      How about Harry Nilsson’s You’re Breaking My Heart?

    • I’m not drinking orange juice

      Strut – Adam Lambert
      Watch Me Shine – Joanna Pacitti
      Anthem, One Girl Revolution (Battle Mix), and Me Against the World – Superchick
      Girls Just Wanna Have Fun – Cyndi Lauper
      Girls on Top – BoA (the korean version, while you can’t understand it, the point is clear)