Is Snooki’s New Boyfriend Jeff Miranda A Famewhore?

Snooki has turned over a new leaf since her day-drinking arrest: She’s capping herself at two drinks in the evening hours. Also, she has a new man! His name is Jeff Miranda, he’s a 24-year-old Iraq veteran from Millstone, New Jersey – and, he appreciates Snooki for being Snooki.

Some obstacles to their love: According to Radar, Jeff”s “friends” think he has an agenda. “I’ve known Jeff for a long time and the guy is a player,” a source tells Radar. “This whole Guido thing is something totally new. He’s become a gym rat and hooked-up with Snooki to get popularity and fame. Let’s face it, the guy wants to be a star.”

Our biggest issue? He can’t spell her name right.

Radar reports:

“People no more Snookie (sic) talk,” Jeff wrote on Facebook, after first published the photos of the pair canoodling on a ride at the Jersey Shore.

“Her name is Nicole by the way. All I’m saying is we had a great time together.

“She is an amazing girl and couldn’t ask for any more or less.

“I am not making any further comments about Nicole and myself. When the time is right you will be updated.”

Thanks, Jeff! Meanwhile, Crushable remains on Miranda Watch. No word yet from a rep for Snooki on the couple’s status and Jeff’s player reputation

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    • JeffMiranda isa fakeGuido

      He is a Phony…..i have sooooo much dirt on this kid…..he is 100percent using her! Lets say back in the day he hooked up with a gay guy to look cool…and thats the truth, ask anyone in UHS, i would say his friends, but he doesnt have any!

    • Snooki

      When I heard all that has been going on with the reality celebrity Snooki and Jeff Miranda, I was not surprised at all! I met Jeff last year at a friends wedding in November. He is absolutely a spotlight whore! The only thing he would talk about was wanting to be famous and acting. He even mentioned auditioning for a role in Twilight but was very disappointed for not being casted. Jeff is a talker, he likes to be in the spotlight. Even before meeting Snooki, yes he did film videos and sent out casting calls on Face Book for his rendition of, You guessed right…”Jersey Shore”. Anyone who knows Jeff knows he’s a fake! He would only take interest in Snooki to seek fame so he can become a reality star has-been…ask anyone!

    • Anonymous

      I have known Jeff for over 15 yrs (since middle school). I know his family too. This kid is a effin joke, he is a compulsive liar, a fake, a druggie and always has to be the center of attention. When he was younger in his teens he would do magic tricks to try to impress people (he failed). He will play you out to do what is best for him. He has security, issues and always needs to meet new people. In fact, everyone that he knew or was his “friend” no longer speaks to him. He cant keep a girlfriend (as far a i could remember). This kid is a jackass, irresponsible, has several issues and i have no respect for him. I dont blame people for hating him. Oh yea did i mention he has a DUI..His family is all effed up too.

    • Miranda is a con artist

      I’ve known Miranda for a long time hes a compulsive liar. He used to be a huge club promoter, worked at Club Mansion in Brick and hooked up with all the nasty drunk girls there. He is bi hooks up with guys, I dated his friend 4 years ago and Jeff would constantly try to hook with me. Every where my ex and I went with this kid he had to be the center of attention. Jeff would lie to me and try to make me believe my ex was cheating on me with gay men and that my ex was doing drugs. Jeff would also lie to my ex telling him that I was hanging out and hooking up with Jeff because Jeff was obsessed over me. I had to block Jeff on myspace and facebook the kid wouldnt leave me or my friends alone.