Best of: Crushable Last Week


Rachel Kramer Bussel told us the 5 best things about her very worst date.

• An open letter to people who suck face on the crowded subway. At 9 a.m. Blegh.

• Textual Healing: Is there a T9 shortcut for “NO!!!“?

Jennifer Atchison‘s boyfriend ditched her in coach to move up to 1st class. No, that’s not a metaphor.

• Our Relationship Ninja Kat Rosenfield tells us how to deal with a friend whose taste in guys leaves something to be desired.


• Styling goddess Nina Garcia gave us some pointers on office attire.

• Some of the world’s weirdest bathing suits.

• It’s on everyone’s minds…what is “Montenegro Style“?

Steve Madden‘s Snooki shoe is now the Snobbie. Copyright problems?

• Then again, Snooks lost the right to TM her namesake on Friday.

• Going off to college or moving into smaller digs? Here’s 5 tips on how to consolidate your living area.

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