Poll: Will You Go See ‘Scott Pilgrim’ Or ‘Eat Pray Love’?

Here at Crushable HQ, we’re torn: Two buzzy movies arrive in theaters tonight – that would Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and Eat Pray Love – and we don’t know which to see. We want to see both: Scott Pilgrim, because the concept is so cool and Eat Pray Love, because we cannot say no to Julia Roberts.

While Scott Pilgrim corners the Michael Cera lovers and fanboy-and-girl blocs, Eat Pray Love will surely pummel Scott at the weekend box office, thanks, in no particular order, to: Julia’s star wattage, under-represented female moviegoers who want to see a smart movie packaged just for them, women with various midlife crises and haters who are curious to see if this memoir-turned-movie can pull off “another Devil Wears Prada.”

What it comes down to, is we want to see BOTH of these films, and then knowledgeably pan them if need be.

Tell us: Which would YOU see tonight?

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