Pretzel Crisps Aren’t Done with Their Offensive Campaign Yet

When I saw this advertisement on 5th avenue last night, I immediately tweeted the Pretzel Chips crusaders over at NYCtheBlog. Maybe we’d see another guerrilla art campaign against the pretzel company, which seems dedicated to being edgy with their borderline-offensive body-image slogans. (Although I had to explain to my boyfriend the reference to this one, the famous Kate Moss-ism and anorexic credo, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.”)

But the more I thought about it, the more I wondered if these ads weren’t just saying what most diet ads are afraid to: Eat us, get skinny. Skinny = good. Sure, these guys are more blatant about it, and are definitely supporting a “pro-skinny” message over a healthy one (despite what their Facebook might say), but in terms of pure advertising, at least Pretzel Chips is trying to start an honest discussion with these provocative slogans, instead of hiding behind the “healthy living” credo. As one of our office editors put it, “All this ad is telling me is that I shouldn’t even be eating Pretzel Chips if I want to feel really skinny.”

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