This Week’s Top TV Moments: An Illustrated Guide

Crushable and Guest of a Guest have teamed up to bring you a post which combines our favorite things: television and party pictures. Miss the latest episode of your favorite show? We’ll do better than recap it: we’ll ILLUSTRATE it for you!

So we mashed up Guest of A Guest party pics with the best lines from your favorite TV shows, and voila! Awesomeness:

This week, on Real Housewives of New Jersey:

The Housewives headed to Venice, where they made plenty of time for sight-seeing, eating, and shopping:

Teresa: “Let’s go to Chanel first!”
Joe: “Let’s go eat. Fuhgeddabout Chanel’s.”
Teresa: “Whaaa?? On the way, Joe, you could get something ta eat. Were gonna go shopping for a little bit.”

Kim G throws herself a little pity party about the Danielle situation.

Kim G: “I feel bad for me, that I’m like, in this situation in the middle.”

And Joe starts to lose control…

Joe: “I’m like King Kong. I might just start going crazy.”

On The Bachelor Pad:

What do you get when you take the most memorable rejects from past seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette? Mayhem.

Contestant Juan Barbieri: “It’s kind of hard to concentrate because everywhere I look, I just see swimsuit models in the weirdest poses-contorted. It was awesome. I’m not gonna lie. It was awesome.”

On the Jersey Shore:

Vinny shows us his classier side. (Classy is a relative term.)

Vinny: “My uncles want me to come here and just bang everything, but I kinda want better, quality girls.”

And Snooki can finally stop Snookin’ for love.

Snooki: “I found an amazing gorilla juice head.”

…Unless she’s drunk.

Snooki: “I really don’t want to cheat. But if you’re gonna hand me a bottle of frickin’ SoCo, something just comes over me. Like I just go crazy.”

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