Frank Neuschaefer Finally Responds To ‘The Haters’

It has taken Crushable nearly a week to fully recover from the emotionally-draining three-hour finale marathon that was The Bachelorette. We’re taking baby steps back toward the franchise – see: our picks on the lamest Bachelor Pad denizens – so we thought it was high time to revisit one of our favorite Bachelorette villains: Frank Neuschaefer. You remember Frank. He broke up with Ali in Tahiti to return to his ex, Nicole “Christopher Meloni” Caruso. Cue the hate!

Days after the finale – wherein it was revealed he ditched the After The Final Rose special – Frank took to his Facebook page to issue a “statement”:

Frank Will you accept this rose? ☺

I wanted to take a moment to thank all of the people that have passionately supported me throughout this show. I’ve read most of what’s been posted on this site, and it makes me smile to know so many of you have such big hearts. It restores faith in humanity, you know?

I’m not going to speak about the show here, or defend/justify what happened. I’m contemplating the best forum to make a public announcement, and I’ll be sure to let you all know when I decide on the best way to do that. I will say, however, that I did not go on the After the Final Rose show because that would have been unfair to me, Ali, Nicole, and all of you – because the truth would not have been told on that show. My comments would have been governed and edited by the show’s Producers, and I won’t allow that to continue.

I’m thrilled that Ali is happy – that’s what the show’s all about. I’m even more thrilled that Nicole and I are on top of the world. It’s been far from easy – we knew it would be tough to rekindle our relationship with all of the show’s hoopla going on. But we did it! We are so very in love and I feel incredibly lucky. I’ve been in 6 serious relationships and I’m 31 years old – FINALLY I found the girl of my dreams. And wow – what a dramatic ending to the search, but wow – what a beautiful start to love. I’m on cloud nine.

The only thing I will say to the haters: take a moment to examine the irony of your remarks. I’ll leave it at that.

For my supporters, I wish I could give each of you a BEAR HUG! I love you all. I hope every one of you finds love. If you happen to be in love, congratulations! If you’re still looking, please, by any and all means, when it comes to love, don’t be afraid to take risks. You’ll never regret it…

Yours always,

Well played, Frank. Blame the producers – just like Justin “Rated R” Rego.

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    • XOXO Roberto

      Frank is such a loser… He knew that no way would Ali ever pick him ..he is nothing compared to Chris or Roberto..Chris moved home for a reason..Frank lives with his mom and dad because he is broke..Ali would never have picked him, because he has a big L hanging above his head. I heard that his glasses were fake for the show.. what about him is real???? Look at the stupid picture of him , he is grinning like a 3 yr. old, not wearing glasses and not attractive.

    • Jess

      I definitely believe what Frank’s saying. I think we all know about the producer-manipulations going on in the background, and I’m sure they had a heavy hand in this situation. Everything I have heard/read about Frank from people who actually know him, has indicated that he’s a genuine and upstanding guy. Notice how well-liked he is by all the guys from the show, as opposed to, say, Justin.

      Frank absolutely made the right decision not to show up at the ATFR. He already said everything he COULD say to Ali on air, back in Tahiti. Anyway, Ali’s (supposedly) happily engaged to Roberto now, she shouldn’t need anymore closure or whatever.

    • Keri

      Frank, you are so sexy. I’m only half through (late in the game – hulu.. and I’ve never watched this show) but please know, you were the cutest one on the show. And the only one with any personality or brains.

    • Keri

      P.S. Le sigh. Your girlfriend is a lucky one.

    • Jackie824

      Drop dead Frank You F idiot! Go back to looserville with your bimbo girlfriend you d**k!

    • Clarity

      I think what is most important is to be able to love others, accept and respect their choices. Frank is the only one who knows how he feels. It is about him. He can pick whoever he feels is best for him (though i love Ali). People will always judge instead, so WHATEVER. I admire him for the courage it took to do this in front of million who are going to judge him. You can never be happy if you are going to live life for others. In the end, he is happy and in love, Ali is happy and in love. So I am happy for them both.