Quote of the Day: Weeds’ Alexander Gould Won’t Be Playing Justin Bieber

Crushable lucky enough to get a sneak-peak at the upcoming season of Weeds, which premieres August 16th on Showtime. And even better, Alexander Gould (who plays the youngest of the Botwin clan, Shane, and was also the voice of Nemo in Finding Nemo!) told us a little bit about where his character is headed now that he’s *spoiler alert* committed 1st degree murder. But just in case you’re wondering about Alexander’s other roles, don’t look for him on the big 3D screen anytime soon, especially not playing the world’s biggest pop star:

Says Alex:

“I’m not personally a fan of Justin Bieber‘s music: He’s a good artist, but in the movie world I like to stick to stuff that has more meaning and depth to it. So something about another artist, especially someone who is relevant and around right now, seems like it would be better portrayed by that artist.”

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