Is Jessica Simpson’s Boyfriend Eric Johnson A Freeloader?

Jessica Simpson just turned 30 and has a new man. His name is Eric Johnson and this is his yearbook photo. Everything seems to be going swell EXCEPT people are worried that Jess might have a freeloader on her hands – a freeloader not unlike Kevin Federline, observes blogger Lainey Gossip, writing:

Johnson is 30, had an unremarkable professional football career, and was accepted to Wharton but has apparently decided not to study and work hard and instead stay close to my Porny who makes millions a year and is dumb enough to pay his way.

Add to that the fact that Eric is just divorced. So there’s an Ex problem. And the Ex is talking. To In Touch Magazine. According to Keri Johnson:

“Eric is plain out of money. He was going to grad school because he didn’t know what else to do, and then he just dropped out.”

Is the Ex a lying bitch? Sure. Very possible. But it’s not like she makes great man choices either. And that dude looks SMUG.

While we’d never refer to Jessica as “Porny” – we think she’s kind of adorable and would have been a great American Idol judge, had Papa Joe not dropped the ball – we’d have to agree with Lainey that Jessica should keep tabs on her man. Compared with Tony Romo or John Mayer or even Nick Lachey, Eric seems to be all like, “I”m dating Jessica Simpson!!!” He probably keeps all their tabloid clippings in a secret scrapbook, or mass texts, “I’m with Jessica Simpson right now.” Papa Joe: Be on watch.

Should Jessica pay attention to the red flags – or listen to her heart?

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