5 Non-Fiction Writers Who Deserve Movies More Than ‘Eat Pray Love’s’ Elizabeth Gilbert

Are you guys so pumped about Eat Pray Love yet? What’s not to (eat pray) love about it? Based on Elizabeth Gilbert‘s own memoir about being a stressed out writer for places like GQ and New York Times Magazine who decides to take a break from writing  and her messy divorce in her Manhattan condo, goes to Italy, India, and Indonesia (because they all start with the letter I), and meets the love of her life.

With the movie starring Julia Roberts, Eat Pray Love is basically a film version of Goop.  Like we should all be so lucky to be able to escape our hectic, well-paid lifestyles in Manhattan and travel the world looking for the meaning of life (and a hot dude). Not that we’re judging (it sounds pretty nice, actually). We just think that there are more deserving memoirs that should get a film deal. Here are our top pics, as well as who we’d get to play the leads.

Zoe Trope: Please Don’t Kill the Freshman

No, that’s not her real name, but Zoe’s account of her freshman year of high school is as refreshing as it is painfully reminiscent of all the things we thought were cool and deep when we were 14 (Rocky Horror Picture Show, eating ice-cream, boys who wear eyeliner). What saves the book from just being some girl’s diary is how well Zoe writes: especially as a young woman figuring out her sexual identity, which may be one the most well-worn subject as they come for memoirs.

We’d cast: Abigail Breslin. She’s young and got that punk thing going for her.

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