Quote Of The Day: Sarah Hyland Says ‘Do Your Laundry’

Sarah Hyland, Matt ProkopCrushable hearts Modern Family‘s Sarah Hyland – recently, the 19-year-old actress told us all about how she’s moving into a house with her boyfriend Matt Prokop. So it’s safe to assume she knows how to do her laundry – something Crushable’s editors did not know how to do when they went off to college.

Crushable caught up with Sarah again on the TCA party circuit in Los Angeles, and in advance of our super-awesome Crushable College Guide (kicking off at the end of the month), Sarah gave her two cents on the one thing college-bound freshmen should know about living on their own:

“Keep the bathroom clean,” she told us. “And make sure you know how to do your laundry. I know how to do my laundry, but I’m so lazy that my clothes just pile up and up and up. Do your laundry when it’s small and don’t wait for it to get into these huge piles because it will take your two days to finish it!!”

Take note, people! Because we’re taking notes too. Laundry day is imminent.

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