3 Ways To Update Your Wardrobe, Via ‘Plain Jane’ Guru Louise Roe

Louise Roe, host and style mentor on the CW makeover show Plain Jane, tells Crushable how to update our looks, in three easy steps:

1. Look at your wardrobe with fresh eyes. You really only wear 20% of it. That’s. fact. So if you go through all those old dresses, put them out on the bed and shorten that or put a belt on that or a high heel, you can actually reinvent the whole look. Put a waistcoat, vest over it. Reinvent what you got, especially in a recession. You can’t go buying new wardrobe the entire.

2. High heels are really underestimated by the girls on the show. Heels elongates your body and make you 10 pounds slimmer if you wear them right. And it’s an easy way to channel a new trend. If you’re terrified to wear snakeskin on your whole body, you wear it on your shoe, and it pops you out there.

3. Third, I would say a cocktail ring. That’s my favorite thing ever. I don’t really wear a lot of jewelry, but I’ll always have a giant cocktail ring. Costume jewelry is so cheap and in at the moment. I’m not spending a fortune on my jewelry, no thanks. It’s $5 bucks to get a great ring.

As for the girls on the show – which transforms “ugly ducklings” into “confident swans” (something Crushable editor Erin Carlson took issue with at first) – Louise has excommunicated a popular wardrobe staple: Black.

“I always put them in color,” she says. “Life is too short to wear black all the time and feel somber. You’re so expressive when you wear a beautiful red dress. It says a lot it says you’re a happy person. I think clothes really make a difference to your mood when you walk into a room. We judge each other, a stranger within eight seconds. You are judged on what you wear, like it or not, so you better try to get it right.”

Anyone agree with that notion?

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