‘Bethenny Getting Married?’ Doll Recap: ‘NO SEX!’

Now that Bethenny‘s a new mommy to tiny Bryn, she was three things in last night’s episode of Bethenny Getting Married?: Emotional, slightly delirious and more high-strung than usual. Jason, on the other hand, was horny as hell. He really wanted to have sex but – doctors’ orders! – Bethenny couldn’t for a full six weeks. When Jason got “the look” in his eye, imperious nanny Gina was forced to lay the smack down. “NO SEX.”

“You cannot have sex for six weeks after giving birth,” Bethenny reiterated, while Jason thought “just the tip” was OK.

To THAT, Gina responded, “Six weeks is six weeks – no tip!!!”

Then they all went to Montauk – the TIP of Long Island (hehe) – so euphemism and hilarity ensued. (They forgot Bryn’s crib!) Bethenny and Jason got to relax for a bit out of the city – they played touch football with assistants Max and Julie, and Bethenny gave tear-filled, touching speeches of gratitude to The Staff at dinner. There was lots of banter about “the tip.”

At one point, at the dinner table, Max goes, “Is it time?” (He was referring to end of Bethenny-and-Jason’s doctor-ordered celibacy).

Other stuff happened too! Like this:

  • Ramona stopped by Bethenny’s apartment to see Bryn. It was good to see Ramona again, and she didn’t scare the child.
  • Bethenny cried a lot when she had to leave Bryn and the fam for a few days on a business trip. She also cried watching Bryn “trapped” in her car seat.
  • Bethenny became furious with Max after walking in on him getting a massage during HER post-baby baby shower at a spa; meanwhile, shower-goers Alex McCord were forced to wait in line … after Max!
  • Jason rubbed sun-tan lotion on Max’s back, in a mildly homoerotic moment lovingly captured by Bravo’s camera.

Now! Without further ado, Friday’ s Bethenny recap … with Barbies!!

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