Report: Danielle Staub Wants Ashley Holmes Dead

Danielle Staub has hit an all-time low. In a report of a creepy Twitter exchange given exclusively to Crushable by Life & Style, Danielle replied with glee to a fellow tweeter’s wish to see rival Ashley Holmes commit suicide.

“No matter what happened between Danielle and Ashley, Danielle is the adult,” an insider close to Ashley’s mom Jacqueline Laurita tells Life & Style. “She’s a mother. What if someone said something like that about her kids? How would she react then?”

Remember: Ashley is 19.  She hates Danielle, who no longer speaks to Jaqueline, her castmate on The Real Housewives Of New Jersey. And Danielle – an adult with two kids (and a sex tape) – took the drama too far by continuing an inappropriate relationship with Ashley, who had been taunting her via text.

Now! For the offending tweets, scouted by Life & Style. On July 30 a 21-year-old model, actor and prolific Twitterer named Edwin Orocho – or @PriinceEdwiin – tweeted at Danielle: “ItsMyBDAYToday AndIWant @_ashleyholmes 2 kill herself & videotape so I can sit back, relax, & share the popcorn w/ @DanielleStaub.”

Minutes later, Danielle responded with this:

Sweet! Shouldn’t Ashley be the one with the bodyguard?

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    • beautylady

      OMGosh, this is HORRIBLE!! Of course Danielle will say she didn’t mean she wanted Ashley to commit suicide, just that she wants her friend’s wishes to come true. I think price whoever should be taken in for questioning by the police to put the fear of God in him/it. Sickening!

    • BittlerBiddle2

      If I were Ashley & Jaqueline I’d get a lawyer, a restraining order, a body guard and another lawyer. Danielle should get as good as she gives.

    • JULIEB

      This is not true, Danielle was not involved in any twitter exchange of any sort – it was that guy. This is fact. Stop spreading rumors

    • Kats2

      You can chalk this up to bad reporting and you should remove this article now.
      I can tell you with 100% certainty that this is not whole story to this tweet. Daniele followed up after reading more than the “It’s my B-Day” with another tweet back stating she wanted nothing to do with the tweeter and the message, she thought it was sick and asked to be left out it and not to cause more problems. I know this to be true because while lurking I read the whole tweet exchange Danielle had with this sicko, the weirdo even sent it to Jacqueline. Danielle in this case can only be accused of not reading the whole tweet the first time, but she did in fact follow up with a second tweet.

    • Caroline Manzo

      Ashley should commit suicide. She’s a fat ugly slutty loser. Just like her mother. They should do a suicide pact.

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    • jurahar

      Danielle sends the most innocent birthday wish to a twiiter on their birthday and this is turned into wanted Ashley Holmes dead. Was that part of the plan Danielle had when she arranged to have Teresa chase her and Ashley sneak up behind her and physically assault her.

      What lengths these Danielle haters will go to prove that the sweet as vinegar Manzo-Laurita-Guidice Gang is victim of Danielle when the total opposite is true. Danielle is the only reason I watch RHONJ and I hope that Danielle will have her own TV series so I don’t have to watch those desperate loser housewives try not to be boring anymore.

    • jenny

      i like caroline and danielle yet they hate each other..i agree with so much of what caroline says with her words of wisdom,,also when she said u must dicipline your children,,its true otherwise they will turn outlike animals.and caroline has done a great job herself,i also liked how she mentioned the poor piggys when they get killed not to kill them ,,,i love animals too and hate anything to do with killing them,we are not meant to eat meat ,,our teeth show that we have herbivorous teeth not canine,(although i admit im not a vegetarian,,but not a real big meat eater).i couldnt eat it if it was just killed infact when i lived ona property once (minding the cattle)the owner would ring to ask if any of us had seen the little bull we would deny it cos we knew his days were numbered,,we even fed him by hand,,(anyway enough about me ,lol..,and how shes fiercly protective of her family thats great,and when she said family do fight if they say they dont they are lying,,its because they love each other,so true,and danielle has had a lot of heartache in her life and i cant help but to feel empathy for people ,she is trying to find her mum,,and i didnt agree that she didnt want to meet her if she ws homelses or drugs,,well thats showed me a side i didnt like because thats stereotyping people,,not all people that take drugs are thugs liars and cheats and thieves,,I KNOW THIS,,infact believe it or not i know someone thats the most honest caring person and thats why she went and broke down because of extreme domestic voilence,bottom line people shouldnt judge,this world is in a crazy mess as it is without people fighting,if we arnt part of the solution we are part of the problem..peace.

    • Melissa B

      Danielle is a horrible person. She called Ashley a coke whore! What kind of person would say something like that about a 19 year old girl? Ashley is just young and tried to protect her family. Danielle needs to listen to her own words that karma is a b***h because she has racked up some heavy bad karma points. What she gives she will get back three-fold. I feel really bad for her daughters who, like Caroline said, have no light in their eyes. They look extremely sad and appear to be embarrased by their mother’s actions. I think their father should try to get custody of them – Danielle is exploiting them to the hilt. Sex tapes Danielle? You are a dirty pig in my opinion and you deserve to be fired from the show. Take it to the trailer park you trashy, skank-waffle.