Helen Mirren, Barbra Streisand Not Allowed to Look Their Age, Declares ‘Women’s Wear Daily’

Look, we think it’s awesome that Helen Mirren can be considered such a sex kitten in Hollywood, breaking down those ageist barriers that might be even harder to dismantle than the ones against plus-sized women in the industry. So give us a break, Women’s Wear Daily: Your recent gallery of “Senior Moments” – which consist of icons like Helen, Faye Dunawaye, Barbra Streisand,  and Joan Rivers wearing frumpy clothing- is just an excuse to reinforce stereotypes of older women as unsexy.

Saying that Helen’s dress “more befits a schoolteacher,” is like saying “Brad Pitt‘s beard makes him look gross and homeless”: Ostensibly true, but in no way relevant (and sort of underminery) to the fact that both of these actors are extremely good-looking, no matter what they choose to hide from the paparazzi in. What does age have to do with it?

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