New Pretzel Crisp Marketing Encourage Body Image Controversy

Sorry Urban Outfitters! Your “Eat Less” shirts are nothing but salty dust compared to the new posters from Snack Factory Pretzel Crisps, which declare “You Can Never Be Too Thin!” At this point, we don’t even think the Snack Factory even tried to hide it’s size-ist slogan, and is basically inviting controversy just to bring more attention to their ads. Fair enough. After all, for every pro-plus-size advocate, there are statistics that show just how morbidly obese Americans have become, which is why “Eat Less,” as a campaign idea, not a tee, may have worked.

But “You Can Never Be Too Thin?” That’s just blatantly untrue, whether you are talking about pretzels (Um, really, really thin pretzels sound like a stupid snack) or Karen Carpenter.

But what do you think? Does this ad (or the product itself) leave a bitter taste in your mouth?

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    • Perry

      We appreciate the feedback received from the blog community and are now going in a new direction with our ad campaign. The ironic thing is that our website and Facebook page are all about eating. Our health benefits section details how our products can be part of a healthy eating regimen. We in no way advocate unhealthy weight loss or want to promote a bad body image. The ads are coming down asap! Thanks again, and our apologies for any offense caused. – Perry at Pretzel Crisps

    • Roxy

      ha ha ha, how the hell can a pretzel company say “you can never be too thin”…

      You sould say “you can never be too fat”.
      Sense your tryong to sell a refined carbohydrate…
      that product is just FAT!