Crushable Confessional: I Keep A Pretty Full Bush

[Update: This post is old, read more recent stories about lady business here.]

I remember the first time I tried to shave off all my pubic hair. It had just started growing, and I didn’t understand that it was supposed to be there yet, and I got razor burn. I think there was a part of me that wanted to prevent it from growing because that meant, you know, a lot of things in my body were going to change, and I wasn’t ready for that … Except for tits. I really wanted big tits.

Fortunately, I didn’t have the power to stop either from “blossoming” full force, though I tried in vain to keep the lawn mowed. I groomed ruthlessly through middle school and high school so as not to be embarrassed come time for locker room changes and the inevitable girl-on-girl shaming that came with it. For some reason, there was this universal understanding that it was horribly unsexy to have hair down there. Going off Cosmo and the occasional, curious viewing of porn, we had assessed that guys “didn’t like that.” So we shared waxing tips and salon references and come time for swimsuit season or intimate encounters, at least we felt sure we had done one thing right. But one day my freshman year of college, I ceased all unnecessary carpet cleaning. After a routine shower shave (in college, there is no money for waxings, only cocktails), I actually stopped to look at my naked self in the mirror. After a few moments of inspection, I realized something incredibly disturbing: my vagina looked pre-pubescent. Just the way it did before I ever had pubic hair to shave. And I thought about all the guys who had complimented my refined love-rug and turned immediately averse to them. How could they be attracted to something that looked so much like a child?

That thought alone was enough for me. I let it grow back. All the way back. And it was itchy and uncomfortable, but once my pubic hair was back at its rightful length I felt like I had actually grown into my adult self, my natural womanhood. And I felt truly sexy. I also found, to my naïve bewilderment, that guys really don’t give a fuck. Like really don’t give a fuck.

I’ll admit: I still can’t let it sprawl halfway down my leg when I put on a string bikini. It’s not like I want to scare off the entire beach-going public. But my bush is fairly prominent, and now I have two products of puberty I can be proud of: big tits and a big bush.

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    • john


      what an horrible,awful story.

      i cant even imagine how it looks.never come to France.please.don’t.

      ps;men give a big f*** about a girl is a woman,or a pig not tking care of herself!

    • Tiff

      I applaud this story. To John who is posted above me: FUCK YOU. You have a tiny cock and worst of all? You’re a quick shooter and bad in bed.

      I also have a full bush and I can’t stand the way it looks when it’s shaved. It’s so gross. I look like a 4 year old. And I agree with you, I am also averse to all of the men out there who prefer a ‘little girl” look. There was this episode on True Blood where Sookie is about 6 years old and she can hear her uncles thoughts, and all he can think is “there isn’t any hair on her little body”, which is how pedophiles and creeps like it.

    • Gary Barrios

      I couldn’t agree with Annie more, the bald look does make you look like a child. I’ve never liked that look on women or men for that matter. A grown woman looks so much better with her sexy full bush right where it belongs. A big plus to leaving it full is: one- it looks attractive & glistens in the sunlight, two- it feels nice to run your fingers through a full bush( a bald vagina is totally lacking here), three- it’s more fun to part the bush with your tongue than doing a bald vagina & four- it’s a whole lot less work for nothing!

    • Melissa

      I shaved my bush off completely once in the 8th grade and hated it. since then I still trim but I won’t shave it all off. I was worried when I started high school (in 2004) that I would have the fullest bush in my P.E classes and that I might get stared at in the showers. As it turned out most of the girls had pretty full bushes too. Only a couple of girls shaved it all off.
      My aunt (she raised me after my mom ran off when I was little, so she’s very open about stuff with me) said that when she was in high school in the 70′s that none of the girls ever trimmed their bushes.

    • Melissa

      I am not the same Melissa…LOL. I never gave into the “shave it or else” mentality. As a little girl, I saw both my mom and aunt nude frequently and couldn’t wait until I, too, had hair down there as well. While many started to trim and a few went smooth in college in the late 80′s, I kept my full bush. I didn’t mind when a few poked out the sides of my panties or bathing suit.
      I spent plenty of time between the sheets with both males and females and never had anyone refuse to go down on me for being hairy. Even today, I am completely hairy down below, but shave my arms and legs, and I still go to bed with women for their first time, everyone says the like my bush and with they had theirs like mine!! So my question is this: Why do women continue to shave if there is no need for it other than personal preference?

    • Lesterdiamond777

      Ladies the full all natural bush is amazing. The pubescent look is such a turn off … When she takes off her clothes and her big is full and bold and she’s confident enough to not be self conscious about the current fads you know you’re with a mature sexy woman! How are some people labeling what’s natural as disgusting? Doesn’t make sense. Ppl didn’t always shave their private parts. Dont let fake porn and tv shows set the standard.

    • john

      I love full bush. I love to gently rub my face in it before I expertly eat it to orgasm. I like hairy arm pits too but not hairy legs…

    • Dewey

      Are you serious? You are going to group every guy who prefers a shaved pubic area as some kind of Pedo who likes little girls? I guess you have never had a hair caught in the back of throat right in the middle of passionate love making session because it is nothing short of a buzz kill. I love to give oral to a woman and if its all hairy down there I am just going to pass right by it with my mouth. However the exception is that if a woman uses hair clippers and has that area groomed very short.(as to prevent long hairs from getting in the back of my throat).

      Saying that men are pervs because of the above mentioned is just stupid so to all those narrowed minded people please take a hike! As a woman do what you want… if YOU prefer one way or the other then do that. For every guy who doesn’t want hair down there you will find one who does so find your match! If you don’t shave then you should find a guy who likes a carpet and for those woman who like it bald there are plenty of guys for you too.