6 Ways To Live This Week Like It’s Shark Week

The Discovery Building Lives Every Week Like...Well, You Know

We don’t know when Shark Week became such a staple in America’s annual celebratory tradition, but by the time Tracy Morgan uttered the now infamous 30 Rock line, the Discovery Channel’s 168 hours of prime shark programming was already carved out as the most important 7 days for TV viewers a year. It’s a little bit nutzo: I mean, how much new stuff can you learn about sharks?

So now that Shark Week is once again upon us, here are 6 tips for treating this week, if not all weeks, with the proper reverence it deserves.

1. Watch this Shark Week Tribute video on a loop till your eyes burn:

2. Yell out “Live every week like it’s Shark Week!” at anyone who will listen.

3. Call Ian Somerhalder and tell him that a shark is covered in oil and needs his help. Then place your bets on the eternal question: Vampire v. Shark.

4. Watch Jaws. Seriously: You want to celebrate these things??? You crazy.

5. Try a shark burger. Kind of tastes like chicken, right?

6. Stay indoors watching television, and as far away from the ocean as humanely possible.

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    • http://www.facebook.com/people/David-Marcenaro-DeBernardis/1223881160 David Marcenaro DeBernardis

      Actually you can learn A LOT more about sharks, especially since about 80% of shark coverage is about the Great White, or shark attacks, yet there are HUNDREDS of species of sharks that fill so many ecological niches and live in every ocean, plus many rivers and even a few lakes, and do so many cool things most people dont know about