Justin Bieber Is Writing A Memoir

Normally, people write memoirs once they’ve been around for a while. At 16, having been famous for approximately three and a half minutes, Justin Bieber has announced a memoir to be published in October by HarperCollins. According to a press release, the hardcover book will be “an illustrated memoir,” complete with “never before seen” pictures of Justin. Yeah, so this sounds more like a fan site turned into a book, being disguised as a memoir with a $21.99 price tag slapped on.

Would you buy it?

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    • Sandy

      Haha so kid thinks he got talent… It wont be sold like any vampire series but retarded girls would buy it that price just to see his face.

    • Theresa

      Please let this insanity stop……..this young man needs to get a reality check ……he’s not that talented. But these days anyone seems to have talent…..just go You tube, American I dol.