Yes, The ‘UnderCovers’ Lead Actors Are Black. Get Over it People.

NBC’s hot new spy series has two incredibly gorgeous leads, Boris Kodjoe and Gugu Mbatha-Raw, a married couple that brings the spice back to their lives by resurrecting their careers as international American spies. Oh yeah, they happen to be black.

That’s a hard concept to grasp, even for TV journalists. At the UnderCovers TCA (Television Critics Association) panel today, executive producer Josh Reims took on several questions about his agenda for casting two black leads on his new series.

“Our plan was not ‘Let’s revolutionize all of TV and cast black actors,’” revealed Josh, who said it was more about creating a show that had its own unique look. Which meant auditioning everyone who would be a good fit for the role.

“We started out by saying, ‘Let’s see every incarnation possible of a person.’ We don’t want to see the same people we see on TV 10 million times because it will look like every other show on TV.”

When Boris and Gugu came in, they knew they had found just what they were looking for. “We didn’t go out of the way to say that we’re hiring two black leads of the show. But we certainly don’t deny the fact that it would be great if we did do that. And we found actors that were great.”

Of course, Boris responded in the most elegant fashion. “It’s important to recognize the fact, it’s not the norm though it should be norm, that this what the world looks like. The world is diverse,” says the German-born star.

And let’s not forget the most important reason that this is cool casting. The man is a major hottie!

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    • Sandra Crowe

      There are more brown skin people in the world folks than bleach blonds. Thank goodness someone out there decided to put these two people – both of them non-Americans, and non-African Americans since the world is neither. No one of color in any other part of the world calls themselves African-American. With all the mixtures going on everywhere, the world will look more like them than some American bleached blond.