The 5 Biggest Moments From ‘Jersey Shore’s’ Season 2 Premiere

Jersey Shore

Fried pickles, fist pumping and — surprise! — Angelina‘s back and she’s rooming with Pauly D and The Situation and starting trouble with the other girls in the house. That was the premiere of the second season of Jersey Shore in a nutshell — and there weren’t really any spoilers in there.

At the end of the episode, we realized not a lot happened, but we got the set up for a great season of housemate drama and throwdowns. Some potential huge fights: Sammi and Ronnie, Snooki and Angelina (over Vinny?!?), J-WOWW and Angelina, Sammi and J-WOWW, Angelina and everyone else in the house. Are you ready for it all to unfold?

In addition to setting up what is sure to be a ‘roid rage-filled season, the premiere ep also had some pretty classic moments of its own. Here are the five moments that made us cringe, laugh and scream, “WTF!” We’ll count them down for you (if you haven’t seen the episode, there might be some spoilers):

5. The shelf in the girl’s closet collapses, getting Ron Ron Juice all over Sammi’s clothes

“It’s the first day and my clothes are ruined,” Sammi said, while grabbing her white shorts and rinsing them in the sink.
“I feel like a pilgrim from the ’20s,” a confused Snooki said while handwashing Sammi’s shorts like a good friend.
Angelina pretended nothing was happening.

4. Ronnie arrives at the house — and MTV cuts to commercial before the much-anticipated reunion with Sammi happens
The group of friend we had gathered to watch the premiere was especially agitated by this typical reality show editing move, letting out a raucous yell.

3. Spastic fist pumping at the Southern bar
When Snooki and J-WOWW stop for some dinner en route from New York to Miami, a local hick offers them lemon drop shots and then tries to hit on them, with no luck. When Snooki asked whether he fist pumped, he said, “I’ve never fist pumped a day in my life,” before breaking into “Exorcist mode,” according to Snooks, and then spastically pumping his fist. What was funnier — him pumping like a freak or Snooki’s reaction to it and retelling of the story?

2. Ronnie’s sloppy make-out scene
After fighting with Sammi in a cab, calling her a nasty name and then jumping out, Ronnie goes with the guys and Angelina to a club and starts dancing and making out with girls. Cut to Sammi, who admits she’s still in love with ex-boyfriend Ron, crying in the confessional and climbing into bed with sunglasses on her head. That must not have been a fun part of the trip for Sammi to rewatch.

1. Hilarious cut between girl’s cab and guy’s cab during the trip to the club
It’s the first night in Miami and the gang is getting ready to go out on the town. The four guidos and four guidettes split into two cabs, and as the girls discuss Sammi’s relationship with Ronnie, Angelina awkwardly butts in and starts a screaming fight among the girls. In the midst of the melee, we cut to the guy’s cab, where they sit, silent. Hilar.

What were your favorite parts of the night?

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    • michelle

      definitely not the first time sammi’s gotten ron ron juice all over her clothes

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