‘Bethenny Getting Married?’ Doll Recap: Meet Bryn


After last week’s excruciating episode of Bethenny Getting Married?, which was essentially 60 minutes of Bethenny Frankel eating Italian ice and sometimes cringing in pain, this week we finally got to meet the very tiny, very pink Bryn Hoppy.

Turns out, Bethenny and her husband Jason (played in our recaps by the yellow lint roller) named Bryn in memory of Jason’s late brother, Bryan. On the way home from the hospital, Jason got emotional, thinking about how his parents must have felt upon losing their first child. But, there’s never a sad moment for too long on Bethenny Getting Married? No sooner had the pair pulled up to their Tribeca condo than they were struck with a conundrum: how to get the baby’s car seat out of the car without removing the base? Luckily, it was nothing their baby nurse (!) couldn’t solve.

Then it was time for Cookie to meet Bryn. The two got along swimmingly, and Cookie even joined Bethenny on the couch when she was nursing Bryn. Sweet family moment! What wasn’t sweet was Bethenny’s whining over not being able to sleep because she has to feed Bryn all night long. At least she doesn’t have to stay up with a crying baby all night, that’s what baby nurses are for.

Eventually, Bethenny found some rest, and then met with her wedding planner, Shawn, who she apparently trusts again because he pulled off an amazing wedding. Now, he’s helping plan her baby shower. And, sorry Bethenny, you are definitely not the first mama to hold your shower after the baby is born. But nice try. While Bethenny grilled Shawn about cake, Cookie sized him up, but Shawn was nimble enough to escape before Cujo attacked.

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