A ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ Performance Show Without Injuries Ends With An Injury

LaurenLauren Froderman‘s future on So You Think You Can Dance hangs in the balance. The only remaining girl in the Top 6 had a stellar night of dancing, but host Cat Deeley cryptically revealed at the close of the show that she was “with the medic.” Whether Lauren can continue in the competition or will be sent home, like injured Alex and Ashley before her, remains to be seen.

After Cat’s unexpected announcement, I rewound the episode, back to Lauren’s last dance, a foxtrot with Adechike. She didn’t show any signs of injury during the dance, but afterwards, during the judging, her face looked pained and she was leaning heavily on her partner and Cat. What could be wrong with her? (This report says she may have been hospitalized with a concussion and dehydration.)

Without an injury, there’s no way Lauren would be facing elimination. America seems to have already picked its top three, consisting of Lauren, Adechike and fan favorite Kent. Billy, Robert and Jose were destined to be in the bottom three tonight no matter what.

But that’s not to say they wouldn’t try to stay on top. Last night, Robert wowed the judges with a moving contemporary number with All-Star Kathryn and a Bollywood routine with Billy. Judges Nigel Lythgoe, Mia Michaels, Adam Shankman and guest judge ballroom dancer and choreographer Toni Redpath said Robert showed maturing, and praised him highly for his meticulous work in the Bollywood piece. I agree Robert was much cleaner that Billy during the dance. Earlier in the night, Billy danced a contemporary piece with Ade that was clean and interesting but lackluster. Billy’s time on So You Think You Can Dance may have run its course.

Meanwhile, bboy Jose stretched his wings with a hip-hop routine with Comfort followed by a Broadway dance with Kent. Again, Jose’s lack of training was evident. His personality, which got him this far, may still be amazingly compelling, but eventually the judges will oust him in favor of a more technically proficient dancer.

Speaking of, Kent was nearly flawless during a chacha with Anya — his second of the season. He also kept up with Jose in flips and tricks during their Broadway routine. Adechike earned praise for his “balls out dancing” with All-Star Courtney in a flashy jazz number, though the judges’ comments were less positive for his foxtrot with Lauren. Still, I think the voters are behind Adechike and he doesn’t have to worry about being sent home, despite the fact that now I think Robert is a better dancer than him.

Who do you think will be in the bottom three tonight? Do you think Lauren will pull through, or will another injury plague another contestant this season?

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