’90210′ Gay Bombshell: Matt Lanter On Who’s Coming Out Of The Closet

90210 hottie Matt Lanter opens to Crushable’s Delaina Dixon on the CW show’s upcoming gay bombshell, what’s next in store for his character, and why Zac Efron would play him in a biopic of his life:

Q: Do you know who’s coming out?

A: Yeah, I know.

Q: Are you comfortable with who’s coming out?

I can’t tell you guys anything. I’m being very tight lipped. This is one of the things, they don’t do this often, but they actually sent out a statement saying “Hey guys, don’t talk about it.” Yeah, so I can’t tell you much. But you know what? Whoever it’s going to be, he’s going to have a monumental task on hand. It’s a subject that’s very real and prevalent in high schools now than it was 10 years ago. From what I understand, they are going to be doing it in a very serious way. It’s not going to be one episode off one on kind of thing. It’s going to be a season-long kind of thing. It’s going to add a new element to the show.

Q: They’ve been giving you some pretty challenging storylines.

A: It’s been great. I hope I get to see more. Last year, we got to see Liam’s dad. There was a run-in with his stepfather. More of that. Keep it coming. I think the fans want to know about Liam. They want to know what he’s about. We got a little of it last year.

Q: Is there a danger of a character we’ve been introduced to as straight coming out after Adrianna’s storyline?

A: Well, I don’t know. See is the difference. That was kind of done a couple of episodes, kind of dabbled in. But this one, they’re going for it all the way. It’s done. I guess that’s what I mean by taking it serious. This character is going to struggle, this character is going to find himself, and a lot of that is going to be shown. Where last year with the Adrianna thing, oh, OK, this is what we’re doing for a couple of episodes, and then we’re done. So I think this going to be done very differently.

Q: Are you still a technical geek?

A: Yeah of course. I just had a 30-minute conversation with someone about TVs and Blue-rays. The I-pad. I’m into the iPad right now. It had been out for a month or so before I placed the order for it. I kept going back and forth because it doesn’t have the camera on it and I know the next one is going to have the camera. But I couldn’t wait. We got our cell phones with cameras and we got cameras. But it’s great. I’m surfing the Internet, I read my books on it. I’m reading a book called Phantom by Michael Crichton. I’m a big Michael Crichton fan. He kind of works a lot of scientific elements into his books and I like that. I like sci-fi and science. I would love to play an intelligent, scientific story.

Q: Other projects?

A: I did this movie that’s a spoof on Twilight and I get to play this blood-sucking vampire. I do a Star Wars voice-over, and I get to play a Jedi knight. That’s the best part of being an actor.

Q: What’s up for Liam this season?

A: He’s been with Annie a little bit. There’s a little bit more of a romantic relationship with Annie. It started to blossom a little at the end of last season. Now we share a kiss this season and it goes a little farther. And yeah. I got a half brother coming in. Last year, we had Liam teasing her a little bit. Then last year, we saw them as friends, having an emotional connection. Different from Naomi, which was just physical. We’ll see if it stays. We know on 90210, it’s breakups and heartaches.

Q: Who would play you biopic?

A: Zac Efron. He’s a good leading man, he’s out there. It’s all about the hair. I’ve met him and he’s a real cool guy, so maybe him.

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