Video: ‘Titanic 2′ A Real Movie, But What Happened to the Mermaid Surivors?

Yes, this is a real trailer, not a viral video, for a full-length movie called Titanic 2. It looks like it had a big budget and everything. The fact that this is a ridiculous conceit of a horror movie, about a boat taking the same course as the Titanic and then somehow gets stuck in some sort of Ghost Ship parallel (Hey, you guys remember Ghost Ship?), doesn’t make it any less of a “real” movie. Meaning it will be in theaters straight-to-DVD and stuff. Which is sad, because we were really holding out for this somehow-less-ridiculous version of a sequel, Titanic 2: Mermaid Survivors.

Best part about Asylum, the production company that made Titanic 2? They also made Transmorphers, Street Racer, and Sunday School Musical. Brills.

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